An advice to those who like to do M.E/M.Tech…

An overview to students waiting for doing PG via TANCET

After the TANCET marks were announced, all students are in confusion and worries, “Whether I will get a good college or course”.As a senior , we need to tell the real situation that exists at present.

A few guide lines….

Stop worrying.

First of all stop worrying that you have scored poor marks than your friends & relatives .Because each and every year there are some students who score poor marks, but by luck they get the college/course they expected. At the same time a good scorer might have not got his/her own wishing college.

So whatever can happen! Stop worrying! If you worry will it give you good college? Try to enjoy this moment of life. Just remember nothing is in our hands.


“My uncle says to take this course….he says it is valuable”

“My brother tells not to take this course”

“My friends tell to take this course, but am not interested”

“No one is there to help me, I come from a village , my parents and relatives don’t know about what course to suggest…am all alone!”

How many of you are saying this or at least have a thought like this? You have these doubts like this because you listen to others rather than what your heart says. In other words nowadays all students see only the chance of getting placed in a MNC which will give 6 digit salaries. They don’t concentrate on what is their natural talent .Some will be good in computer programming but they choose a course that is not related to it. They will not be able to study, at least they struggle a lot. So first of all find what is your interest, find where and which course will guide you through to reach the  goal.

First, have you identified what is your career path? If not still you have time, frame it first.

Part time or full time ?

Many of them ask doubts related to doing part-time courses. First of all read these…

  • Many companies don’t recognize part time degrees
  • Part-time course has an extra one year than regular course….
  • Part time is good for those who are in job. But remember the classes will be at evening. Can you be energetic to listen classes at evening 6-9 pm? Then opt for the course. Else regular is better.

Some of the candidates complain that the staffs don’t teach well {Staffs too must have to take class from morning to night.So they feel tired too}. Many students in Anna university too find hard to complete degrees. They complain that to pass the degree the feel hard.

To girls…

Every one would have heard the news about students commiting sucide in Anna university campus. Real fact is that many girls come from south of tamilnadu,where still the tradition is of main importance. When girls from such a zone come to city side(metros like Chennai), the change in lifestyle where girls and boys hang together for parties , movies, when these girls mingle with this culture girls ,they struggle a mental suffering which they cant express or talk with friends.They feel afraid that if they tell their problem others will laugh at her. So without saying to others they keep on developing stress, which finally brings to sucide attempts.

So first think…can you cope up with new lifestyle? You will need to hang with boys, else other girls will reject you from their circle. Can you face it?

Some girls ,initially will feel happy for getting a course in colleges that might be far away from home town.They would have focused only on the course/college. But the fact is that once they start to stay away from home, some will start to feel home sick missing their father/mother, neighborhood friends etc.

Can you stay away from home till the course ends? Think it!

Your future is in your hands! All you need  is to recognize it.

Job oppurtunities:

M.E is more refined & focused course than B.E.sometimes you can’t change your stream.So if you plan to change careers then leave the choice of doing M.E. B.E is better than M.E in this case. In many places M.E graduates just get a salary that is equivalent to B.E graduates.Software companies when we approached, clearly state that “You will be considered only as a UG graduate.If you are willing, then we may consider you!!!!” .So consider wisely about doing M.E.


Many students ask us for which colleges give full placement to PG graduates. To a large disappointment, the answer is No. Even Anna university graduates dont get placement.Fact is that many companies focus only on B.E graduates.some colleges such as PSG shows 100% placement to PG graduates.But actually what happens is that only a few candidates gets placed in core companies,others attend software companies and get placed.So the colleges,to attract popularity they publish “100% placement”.

Please dont expect placement for M.E.Its utter waste.If you do M.E focus on how you can excel in doing PG.If you do M.E then focus on how to do Ph.D rather than looking for  placements.

Coming to the questions that many  of them posted….

Each year the counseling is different. In 2010 the top score was 68.While in the next year the score was higher than the previous year. In 2010 , we were able to get Anna univ for a score of 38! But in 2011, even the person with a score of 52 was not able to take the course in Anna university. Fact is that the diffrences were very high in the later year.

In other words, the number of persons for a score range of 30-40 in 2011 were three to four times larger than the number of persons who scored for the same score range in 2010. So if there were 160+ persons for a score range of 27.0 – 27.99 in 2010, the same range hit a number of nearly 500+ in 2011.So the competition was very high, and is changing every year.

We haven’t got any unofficial rank list atleast.Hence we are unable to provide any suggestions that what college you may get.

According to sources this year there may be an increase upto 10% than previous years.Hence more competition will be there for this year! Students with very high scores can only enter premium institutions! So average scorers please start analyzing and make choices what you want to study and where you need to study.

P.S: If any of you receive any rank-list(atleast unofficial) please do inform to us , so that we may provide you details of what college you may get…

An advice to those who like to do M.E/M.Tech…

234 thoughts on “An advice to those who like to do M.E/M.Tech…

  1. leela says:

    Great words senior!Thanks for your time and do discuss regarding branch and college selection criteria.I hope that would add a extra spice for your words.

  2. i’ve got placed in syntel, it seems they’ll call me only after an year. and i’ve scored 41.382 in TANCET ME ECE. i’m from BC. which would be the better choice? either job or ME? please suggest me. i’m in a confusion.

  3. @Anurajendran:

    First do you have a clear idea about your future? What you want to do…acheive…!!!
    Be clear in what you do!

    41.382 is a pretty good score.But we cant assure that you will get a good college,cause still the rank listing has not been done.So we cant tell it correctly. On the other hand ,you say the time taken for joining will take a year! Well wasting time for such a job is waste. Time is precious than money.Dont waste time.

    Do you have plans to do PG? then….

    What here we advice is that first attend counceling and then look wether if there are any possibilities for doing a PG degree in any premium institutes,where by you will be respected when you finish degree.If chances are yes ,then start doing a PG.

    About the job…

    Well please dont wait for a long time, do some extra courses that may be related your career.Add value to you.If you wish that you must join the job, then take this idle time as a time to prepare for your future.Learn some extra courses.

    Final word….

    Better go for doing a PG, you have got high scores, there may be chances that you might get a seat in reputed institutes.Cause when compared to the job specified by you, doing M.E will confirm a chance to become a lecturer.In other words you will be on the safer side. But if you cant sustain in the company you have placed then you career is spoiled.You will wait a year, then join the job, if there any problems occur, the you will be fired.So totally one year wasted in waiting for a job, not satisfied with the job and the company leaves you

    But when you take M.E, it confirms you that you can be lecturer.There are numerous colleges over Tamilnadu.So go for the safer side.Do a PG

    Best wishes

  4. @arun:

    thank u for giving me a detailed idea about deciding my future. i’m very much interested in doing my PG, than joining a job. but all these people around me threaten me saying that the only possibility after doin PG is to become a lecturer.

    will MNC’s hire PG graduates.? or will they hesitate?

  5. @ Anurajendran,

    Generally MNC concentrate on UG mainly. Because say in your UG you will have studied about electrical drives, microprocessors, software programming languages, electronics, etc. In your PG you will choose a streamlined path say if you choose VLSI then your subjects in PG will focus on the specific topic.

    When a company recruits, they will see for candidates with multiple talents in technical side.So if they select a PG graduate who finished VLSI, they can put him/her only in that specific field. But if the same if they select a UG graduate he/she will be fitting any department may be power system management or power electronics or electrical drives or DSP etc. UG has variety of choices whereas PG is a specialization of a single subject. As degrees go high the subjects gets stream lined. In UG you have specialised basics of several subjects, in PG you will specialize in one subject you learnt in UG, In doing a doctorate you will specialize one part of the subject you learn in PG. Got it?

    So generally company chooses UG cause ,they can be shifted to various departments easily, less salary is sufficient.PG are not prefered by many companies.

    “only possibility after doin PG is to become a lecturer” ?????

    When you do a PG focus on how best you finish the project. Its all the project speaks.. If you finish it excellent there are several chances that you can enter into a wonderful career. There are better jobs when you do PG. All you have to do is change your vision.

    Do not get confused by what others say, Follow what your heart says….

    In my experience i say….

    I took M.E Computer Integrated Manufacturing in Anna Univ,Chennai. As soon as i had chosen this course in counseling, many told that you will get only a lecturer job. They told that there will be no companies recruiting you. I was worried ! but when i started to do the course it was wonderful, i had chances to learn Rapid prototyping, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Electronics manufacturing technology etc. All these subjects were very wonderful to do learn. Really i feel lucky to have studied these subjects. Now i am happy and am gonna do research work in a year in one of the subjects.

    So here i tell, do what will make you happy…contribute something useful to this society. Dont listen to others, cause you are going to study not they! Many will tell negatives but be positive always.

    “””Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true”””
    – Leon J. Suenes

    Wishes to you

  6. lakshmi.j says:

    thank u for ur advice………………..if i select ME CSE means having chance of getting placed in MNC ah…still i am having confusion about that…i need ur favorable reply

  7. hai admin,i scored in Tancet 2012 (M.E/CSE) is 35.1,MBC catagory,which college i get in chennai or covai?? ..will i get eswari clg?? plz tell me..and which course is best for cse?? i like to do Networking is good course?? plz answer my all questions.Please i have lot of confusion..thank you.

  8. @tamilmaster,

    Please wait until an official release of ranklist been released.Cause we cant tell in what ranking position you are…

    Better go for some other choices than networking engineering. A friend of mine told its not that worth. Get a syllabus copy from any site.Look at the subjects/topics….whether you can do it or not.If you seem to like it then you can opt for it.

  9. sv says:

    can u please list companies recruiting me cs(all discp) in ceg,mit?are ceg/mit holding good placement records for me?

  10. Ram says:

    Hai arun anna.., i have completed mechanical engineering in U.G., 2011., met with an accident.,that led me to femur dislocate, took rest for one year, am somewat normal now, i can walk slowly.,yet i ve wait one year to remove plates.more over doctor has advised to do jobs without straining the legs much.,i ve decided to be a lecturer. so., i prefered to do M.E., got just 27.8 in tancet., i belong to mbc.,category.,i ll be happy,, i ve no idea about choosing the stream in m.e.,please guide me.,which ll be best stream.?

  11. Hi Ram, Hope your health improves soon.Take care of your health first!

    Well as per your question, when the score is considered, it is low. Nowadays students easily get high scores…either they study as competition or they focus for high qualification in an esteemed institute.So its not possible for you to get good college to study.

    What i advice is you can take a year to take rest …IF POSSIBLE!!! I dont know in what situation you are. May be your parents may force to study now itself…or the economic situation of you family may force to go to job…! I dont know in what situation you are. But on the possible side…i advice you to take rest till your body becomes well.Because if you join now you will get an average or below average college.

    So, what i advice is , please do start studying for Next year GATE exam…try to score high scores in it, atleast you can score a qualifying score.

    If you get a high score in GATE, then using that score you can attend counceling and join a college! If your scores are high you may get into top level institutes such as ANNA UNIV, GOVT COLLEGES or private colleges as PSG & others…allowing you to study with stipend.

    If you just qualify GATE score, then you can write TANCET and join college and get stipend.

    The advantage of writing gate is that you will get knowledge that can be used to score good in TANCET. If you prepare for GATE, tancet will be easy to you…

    These are the advantages…

    If waiting for a year is not an issue, then please take time to recover and study at the same time!

    Coming to the courses…

    Considering Mech engg, the courses that are most recognised are…
    Engineering Design
    Industrial Engineering
    Thermal engineering
    Industrial metallurgy
    Heat power engineering
    Internal combustion Engg
    R & A/C
    Automobile Engg

    All these courses are available in Anna univ, Govt.colleges and in some private institutes.You can opt for these courses…these courses are valuble.

    Some other courses that are valuble are:
    Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    Industrial safety

    What ever it may be , focus on getting a good college first, then focus on the course….

    Best Wishes

  12. Ram says:

    Hai anna., family’s situation is not a mere prob., i ve to do m.e somewhere, dunno how i could make yo understand, spent one and half year in the four walls in home,stressed out completely., i can walk normal now but not like everyone., really i prepared well for tancet, dunno what’s the mistake, i don ve the thought of studying in a esteemed institute now, since there is no placements for m.e separately, thinking to join some normal colleges nearby to my home.,then doing in chennai or coimbatore. Am from tiruvannamalai, have an idea to do cad/cam in arunai engg college, i ve question, doing m.e in normal average colleges wont give a lecturer job? Or to my mark and category i wont get seat through tancet in any colleges at all?

  13. sindhu says:

    Hi Arun.This is Sindhu..I have completed my BE(CSE) in 2010 and got placed in CSC(Computer sciences corporation) on july 2010. I have got 37.586 marks in tancet and 31.67 marks in GATE. I belong to BC category.Can I get good college. I am confused whether to continue my job or to do higher studies.Please suggest me. waiting for ur reply.

  14. karthi says: gate 2011(ece) mark=39.33,’s valid oly…and my tancet mark=45…i belongs to bc category…now my confusion is whether i can apply using my gate score or tancet marks?or is there possible to apply using both scores?will i get seat in ceg,mit or psg?

  15. @RAM< Its not like that you wont get job as lecturer..if u do in an esteemed institute you will get a name. As u said if u need just a degree, you can join any institute.There are no problems.

    The seat availability can be expressed based on number of students in front of you. If they are less, then you will get seat.But if they are more then its harder!

    Be positive, you will get through any good institute….


  16. @Karthi, You can opt to apply for BOTH! You can Apply with both the scores. You Will be in category B.

    Three category that are eligible for TANCA:

    Group 1 : Only Gate score
    Group 2 : With GATE score and TANCET score

    Non Gate category: Only TANCET score

    Apply in Category 2

    Getting a seat in CEG, MIT, PSG depends on what session you are sorted. If you are in the first 3 sessions of 1st day of counselling, then you will get, if not then, it is not possible for you to get a seat in these….

    Wishes to you.

  17. sindhu says:

    @arun: Also plz tel me which type of colge wil I get Is there any chance of getting in govt college .Waiting for ur reply

  18. karthi says:

    thanks for ur reply…so i am eligible to attend both gate and non gate counselling?right?

  19. Archana says:

    Hi arun i got 30.636 M.E CSE belongs to bc category… i expected any private colleges in chennai. will i get colleges in chennai… bcoz i am just married and i want to study in chennai… i came to know this year competition will be high… pls tell me is there any chances of getting chennai colleges? i have completed my B.E CSE. For CSE what are the branches available? i want be a lecturer. till now unofficial rank is not yet released… but i came to know the first mark in M.E is 68.4… it may be wrong… i dont know… pls tell me approximately which college and wat course i will get? becoz last year below 32 there is no seat for bc and oc candidates for CSE. so i very much confused. pls guide me.

  20. Sandhya says:

    Hello arun i am sandhya… i wrote my TANCET 2012 exam in M.E. i had a doubt regarding eligibility conditions for doing M.E. i am second class with 64% in B.E CSE. am i eligible to study M.E? because i am second class.. pls clarify my doubt asap… waiting for ur reply…

  21. @Archana,

    well archana, We too dont know the exact top score. Dont be panic..there may be heavy competition… We cant tell exactly whether you may get or not. If the scores are in the same basis like the previous year…then it is tougher to get a good college. If college is not important – only you aim to do M.E, then you can get a college in Chennai.

    We will inform the list of eligible courses for each dept in the next post…please wait

  22. @Sandhya,

    Ok you can read – mean eligible, all you need is you must have completed the UG course(Provisional or course completion certificate)

  23. Vijay says:

    Hai Arun plz tell me what are the courses are best in CSE?

    for which course students give more preference in cse? i dont know about any corses in cse ..i know only cse frd said lot of cse depts are there in M.E. plz tell me…

    and my mark is 35.154/MBC.last year for this course what are the colleges are available?

    Arun plz answering me.dont ignore…

  24. Tamil says:

    GATE MARK 30.67
    GATE SCORE 249
    can i get MIT M.E Aeronautical or CEG M.E Industrial engg ………………………and i am SC

  25. vignesh says:

    Hi, My GATE 2012 score (ECE) is 549, AIR 3033. I belong to OBC category. do I stand a chance for PSG Tech? eagerly waiting for reply, thanks in advance.

  26. vignesh says:

    my friend got 30.38 in tancet ece and sc can she get govt clg otr any other good clg in chennai

  27. Ashwin says:

    Hai Arun this is Ashwin (48.75 in tancet mca).I am from Andhra, i went 2 govt college of coimbatore to fill up the forms for counseling but they are told me that i am not eligible for counselling because i m from other state.and they informed me that tancet is only for Tamil students.
    for other state candidate they are only eligible if they did there 10,+2,+3 studies from tamil nadu…
    i did my UG from tamilnadu and 10,+2 from andhra so i was not eligible,they told me that i can go directly to any college and can take admission in management this is totally embarrassing to me since i got good marks.i even don,t gave any other entrance so i m totally confused …
    please suggest me Wat should i do ??? reply me as soon as possible
    and one last thing i already fill up the form for anna uni but there is only 6 seats in day and 6 seats in self supporting so i am be able 2 get chance with 47.25 marks in gen category?

  28. There is no definite limit…i think so… Because in our set a person who graduated in 1994 studied.We finished this year

  29. Its bit tough to tell… You are “CAt on the wall” !! Your score is like in border, you may get or maynot

  30. lakshmi.j says:

    hi arun anna ,,my tancet score for ME[CSE]is 36.856,i belong to OC category,,what kind of clg will i get.depends upon ur reply only i am going to decide my future ,,pls reply soonly anna

  31. According to rules you must be a tamil nadu candidate. A person is considered as a tamilnadu candidate if he has studied in tamilnadu for 5 years continously. You miss this cause, you havent studied +2 here. If you had,then as it is continous for 5 years without break, then you may be considered.

    We advice you to do as they told. You must go via management only, no other best ideas….

  32. arunraj says:

    Sir,please give me a reply…i am in a confusion..i am an other state candidate..i scored 47.27(in M.E)..not a qualified GATE scorer..scored 67% in UG(passed on 2011)…based on previous year’s rank list can you please guess my chances of getting admission in CEG or MIT for Thermal/IC/enrgy engineering…I have been waiting for Anna university counseling..I expect by the time the counseling procedure in the half way i would even loss my chance to apply for any college(self finance) in my state and if i am taking any admission i will be forced to pay the liquidity damages..can you suggest me one solution..i wish to join in CEG/MIT govt colleges under anna university..if i am waiting for annauniversity counseling will that worth or am i loosing an another year..What should i do..Please kindly reply me as soon as possible.

  33. sindhu says:

    hai admin… i’m sindhu… i got 29.026 (M.E cse) falls in BC category,and also suggest me list of colleges possible for my marks….. thanks in advance i’m waiting for ur rply

  34. vicky says:

    hi…i got 26 in tancet under bc category…is there possibility for me to get ME biotech in any college… waiting for ur rply…

  35. Ashwin says:

    Hai my frd got 28.89,bc.which college he get? for M.E/cse? any good college is available?

  36. sindhu says:

    @ arun: can u pls tell me. waiting for ur reply. i have commented on june 24. tel me which type of colleges i can expect

  37. sindhu says:

    hai… frnd…. i’m sindhu.. got 29.026 in TANCET (BC) M.E cse… plz suggest me list of colg possiblity for my marks in trichy,ariyalur….. i dn’t have any idea … plz guide me frnd….

  38. jothi says:

    sir i have lot of doubts in tancet m.E councling form..plz clarify me..please sir…urgent..
    tancet hall ticket only asking in the form..tancet mark sheet is not need ah?
    community ceritificate in card format means what sir..???
    i finished my B.E in 2011 i cleared the arrear in 2011 november,so i didnot get degree yet.i have consolidate mark sheet only.can.i send the consolidate marksheet?? and my friend is loss the hall ticket, what she do? plz give the answer asap..Thank you

  39. @Jothi,

    1.No both hallticket & Mark sheet is a must…
    2. There is a format for community certificate, which every government office will accept. In other word, there is a format that these certificate must be. This format can be obtained from any governmental website. The certificate must be in that format. If you are confused, dont worry, the commmunity certificate that you have is also eligible.

    3.Degree certificate is not compulsory, as many who finished graduation degree will not have it.So no problem. But you must have the provisional certificate, stating that you have completed the studies.

    4.Lost hall ticket? Hall ticket is a must, please contact ANNA UNIV, CHENNAI immediately

  40. bharadwaj says:

    mail me about the unofficial rank list soon you receive…. and tell me about Remote sensing?? i’m civil graduate with TANCET score 44 …

  41. Bharath kumar says:

    Hi frnd..My score in Tancet ME/Mtech in ECE is 31.907.I am coming under SC category.Could I get any good college?

  42. sindhu says:

    @arun.. thank u sir,,, the comments in july 11 and and june 26 is mine …. the other comments were not given by me sir… anyway sorry

  43. Ramya says:

    Helllo sir how to fill the tancet application FORM..please hlep me sir..
    in the coding sheet first box have 1 to 5 numbers, 2nd box have 0 to 9 numbers. 3rd box have 0 to 9 numbers.last box have A or B..
    My caste code is 20 how i put it in coding sheet?? and in application form 4 colums are there i put 0020 in application. in coding sheet how i fill it?? please sir tell me..thank you in advance..please said today..i want to send the form today..sir..pleaseeee…

  44. Archana says:

    I will not receive acknowledgement card and counselling call letter till now. When will they sent pls reply arun. If anyone receive pls tell me.

  45. ASHA KRISHNAN says:

    My rank is 10478,am an graduate in ECE from Kerala,what are the possible colleges for me?

  46. Suhanya says:

    @arun : hi arun .. i’m suhanya.. my overall rank is 1517, BC rank is 804 in tanca 2012 (EEE). I’ve read all the posts u have written and was waiting to post here until i get my rank ..

    I have a 4 year break, and want to become a lecturer in my discipline.. i dont mind taking up any of the ten courses u have listed for EEE … what are my chances of getting into ANY govt. college ?

    Many ppl are of the opinion that i may get TCE or AC Tech for this rank …But i’m cluluess.. could u give me an idea of what to expect at the time of counselling… My session is on the 27th at 3.30pm

  47. @Archana please contact Anna university for the delay of acknowlegement card- call letter delay.

    @Suhanya, Well, you can expect both of the colleges, Anna univ and TCE, as you have mentioned course is not important.Prefer to take Anna univ ( CEG , ACT or MIT) if these fail then go for TCE.

  48. Suhanya says:

    @arun thanks …. hope i do get a good college .. god willng, ceg or mit …. keeping fingers crossed

  49. G.M says: ovral rank 3064,cmnty rnk 1620(bc)b.e eie.,could I get seat in TCE,madurai or A.C.Tech,karaikudi

  50. sathish says:

    Hi 2011 passed out. currently working as technical support engineer. I planned to do ME in part time. Tell me which course is releated to my profession. I am in a dylama whether to join Network engineering, Computer intergrated engineering, or Computer & communication engineering in ME. Pls suggest me, which is the better option if i go head?

  51. swetha says:

    hi brother,now i am doing my BECSE 3rd yr in 3rd grade college .but my passion s to become a lecturer so i want to do my MECSE in top grade colleges in chennai .so pls guide me to score high marks in tancet and pls tel me the most preferable course for doing ME.

  52. aravindh says:

    sir im doing b.e .aeronautical .i want to do m.e in the stream wat can i do for this
    i want reply from you sir

  53. @ Aravindh, as you are aeronautical stream…you can opt for these courses…

    M.E Aeronautical Engineering
    M.E Aerospace technology
    M.E Thermal Engineering
    M.E Welding tchnology
    M.E Lean manufacturing
    M.E Mechatronics
    M.Tech Aviation technology

    Most people prefer for Thermal engg, CAD/CAM. Cause these are more mech.engg based rather than more focused on Aero.engg. All other courses are more focused towards Aero sciences. So its your own wish to choose. Choose based on your intrest

  54. KARTHI says:

    Sir,i did a long struggle i cleared that degree.i’hve familiar&interest in maintenance, production,logisticplease suggest me whether i go for M.E,MBA,or any short term courses

  55. Lohija says:

    Hi ,I m working in a software company in bangalore now. I would like to do M.E .Ii would like to attend the classes in saturdays and sundays.Can u plz suggest me what are all ways , I can join M.E.
    Thanks in Advance

  56. Gobinath says:

    Hai frnd iam missing the tancet application form, because last date(2.3.2013) is completed. Now iam applied is possible or not. If any chance pls tell me and help me frnds.

  57. its not possible, i hope so.

    Anyway contact ANNA UNIV – TANCET admissions center. Just contact ANNA UNIV. You can find phone numbers in TANCET booklet. Get it from your friends and contact them for any possibility of applying.

  58. Kalai says:

    Hello bro, Thanks for the advice and the article. I would like to know what Range of Tancet score is required this year for ME CSE to enter CEG or PSG?

  59. PRIYA says:


  60. karthi44 says:


    If i get seat in psg tech through gate score, will i be able to get stipend?

    Awaiting your reply …..

  61. Rishi says:

    Hi arun,
    I am from ece dept and wrote tancet yesterday and in part III option question paper i choose social science as it was easy than ece. I didnt prepared seriously for tancet as i need to do PG in any engg college. Please tell me what i have did in part III option question paper is right or not. Thanks,

  62. sasi says:

    Hi Arun ,

    My TANCET-2013 score for ECE(OC) is 49 . can I get admission in any govt colleges?Could you please tell me which best colleges I expect to get an admission / I have to apply for branches like VLSI/embedded/communication/optoelctrncs/nano….etc.
    Can you please post the expected rank list based on the mark and cut off mark (previous) for getting admission in colleges like MIT.SSN,KCT,CEG,THIYAGARAJA ,SRM….etc

    Thank you…

  63. pradeep says:

    hai… tancet 2013 how much amount of marks is required for getting a seat in any anna univ & govt colleges for (MECHANCIAL ENGG) – M.E (any streem)

  64. pinky says:

    hii…will i get an admission in psg for mtech with a tancet score of 39 in civil?i had qualified for gate..

  65. YogiB says:

    Hi,i got qualified in GATE-2012 with 35.67/ it possible to use GATE-2012 score in TANCA-2013?

  66. sairam says:

    hi sir can u please tell me how much should i score in GATE 13 to do M.E Instrumentation in MIT chennai. And also about TANCET???

  67. Santhosh says:

    Hi ,
    I missed the tancet dates 2013 to take exam. Is theer any other way I can join Mtech CompSc Partime in Annauniversity . I have 8 years of experiance in IT industry currently working with accenture.
    santhosh, 9844807876

  68. rosi says:

    hai sir/mam,

    my tancet mark is 30.356. i am belong to bc u.g degree is it..i want to do m.e/ in

    any government collegechennai …ll i get seat..pls tel i am in confusion bcoz my family is not well in finance..

  69. Rajasekar says:


  70. Rajasekar says:


    Friends you also please help me….as soon as possible.

  71. Vivek says:

    This is vivek.i got 56.838 in tancet 2013.i did ece.can i get m.e communication systems in ceg?i belong to general category

  72. Thamizharasi says:

    hai sir… i got 46.565 in tancet 2013. i belong to MBC category and i did eee. whether i will get seats in my stream or ECE stream in anna ceg, psg, mit , gct, cit???

  73. pinky says:

    hii…i had posted a question before…i have a gate score of 288 in civil..i got 38.3 score in tancet civil…2013..i am general category and not from tamil nadu…which all colleges i may get in tamil nadu?pls help

  74. Priyadharshini says:

    I would like to do M.E in anna university affiliated colleges like Sri Sai Ram Engineering college, Sri Venkateshwara college of engineering or Jerusalem College of Engineering.. First, I dnt have any idea to do M.E & so i hav not written TANCET bt wrote GATE without any preparation since i was going for a training in an MNC. My gate score in 6.67/100, AIR is 137191 & percentile is 38.80% . Is it possible for me to apply for Anna university Counselling for doing M.E… If possible pls tell me the procedure to apply & also intimate me in which kind of colleges i can get a seat.

  75. Anitha says:

    Unofficial rank list has been released.. my rank is 615 n I belong to BC category.. will I get any courses for cse in anna univ or MIT?

  76. Gautham says:

    Hi admin. I got 43.454 and unofficial ranking of about 1399 in TANCET 2013. I am BC. I am currently working in a company and due to unavoidable situations i want to do part time in embedded technologies in anna university. I want to become a lecturer( My inner wish). My doubt is will I get lecturer post in top colleges by doing M.E as part time? Please clear my doubts.

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  78. Prakash says:

    Hi sir/madom,
    I got Gate 2014 mark of 35, my AIR is 17000 , my gate score of 424 and my UG major was Mechanical engineering. i am interesting to PG , so i don’t no what colleges i will get whether any NIT i may get or not. in tamil nadu which college i can choose. please share your information regarding what colleges,core company placement,good courses for me… inform to my mail..
    thank you..

  79. ananthanarasimhan says:

    i got gate score of 516 GEN MECHANICAL… rank is 9155. can i expect any course in NIT trichy/suratkal/warangal/jaipur??? i mean any course….

  80. ananthanarasimhan says:

    my tancet 2014 mark is 46.754… GEN CATEGORY.. MECHANICAL… POSSIBLE RANK WILL BE? is it a mark to expect psg or MIT AERO? POSSIBLE EXPECTED RANK WILL BE? PLS GUIDE ME.

  81. Aarthy says:

    Hello Sir,
    I pursued B.E. aeronautical engineering and my tancet 2014 score is 37.73….. i belong to SC. Is it possib for me for M.E. Aero in MIT??????? or else shall i go for cross major like CAD/CAM or production ??????? i want to work as lecturer… which course wil be good???? Pls suggest me

  82. maya says:

    Hello sir,
    I am Maya. I scored 31.00 in tancet 2014 can i get admission in embedded system i any of the good colleges.

  83. reshma says:

    sir my tancet score is 44 and am oc candidate what is the chance of me getting into anna university. which are the colleges i can get into?

  84. bala says:

    IS gate exam is compulsory for joining M.E
    some colleges require gate exam writtened students

  85. neeraja says:

    sir, I got tancet score 54.559. I am ec candidate and category is Open. Will I get good course in either ceg or mit?

  86. janu says:

    I got 37.474 in tancet. I am ECE student category BC. give me an idea to do M.E in good college and good course. for my score whc college i will get.

  87. Gayathri says:

    Now I did BTech. information technology now I like to do ME computer science whether it will come as cross major

  88. Durga says:

    I have scored only 18.188 in tancet 2014……am eligible for counselling.pls rly me to my mail need ur advice very soon

  89. I have scored 31.96 in tancet 2014, my rank list is 11258(unofficial rank list) am a B.E aero graduate and i would like to take M.E aeronautical as a part time, and i come under o.c category,can u say me which college i would get in chennai.

  90. ILANCHEZIAN says:

    Hai arun , I am from mechanical. i didn’t write gate , but i got a tancet score of 51.452 . I am interested in doing m.e in thermal engineering(Refrigeration and air conditioning). my first doubt is can i get into anna university ?
    & my second doubt is can i get a stipened? my third doubt is, how is the scope for this course?

  91. Just imagine how would that be if you could know about the future?
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    The clarity to your post is just spectacular and that i can assume you are a professional
    in this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS
    feed to stay updated with coming near near post. Thank you a million and please continue the gratifying work.

  93. compy says:

    i wanna do m.e in part time, so kindly can u provide me college list under tancet 2014?
    and i need part time is on weekend or in week days?if so mention the time please.

  94. selvamani says:

    i am be aeronautical engineer. my tancet score is 37.668.i belongs to sc can i get ME in mit.

  95. Swathi.C says:

    dear sir/madam,
    NAME: Swathi.C
    DEPT: civil
    GATE MARK: 23.38
    TANCET MARK: 27.891
    please suggest me which college can i get? thanks in advance…
    pls guide me…

  96. Hai a run.I got overall rank 400 in tan a and catagary rank mbc 27 through gate catagery . Can I get ceg,mit,psg in vlsi or embedded steam …my counsling time is 12.00pm second session first day…please help me….thank you

  97. Agalya says:

    sir/ madam
    By gods grace I have completed B.E in civil engineering in 2013. this year I wrote tancet and mark is 32.93. august 25 th 7.30 am i m going to attend counselling. is there is any possibilities to get a seat in government college. if s is there is any possibilities to get stipend. really there is no fees for SC students.

  98. majulaiefk says:

    hai…this is majulalief.k am doing my u.g in anna university trichy am a computer engg student but am not intrested doing pg in our dept tell me some idea to have pg in some oter dept

  99. Sagar says:

    I stay in Mumbai. I have finished my B.E. in production with around 56% in 2012 from Mumbai University and I am working (in small scale company in Mumbai ) now if I want to go for M.Tech/M.E. (part time) what should be the basic criteria for that ?? do I need to have 60% compulsory in B.E. ??
    GATE I will give but I am worried about score in B.E. its not first class.
    My total experience is 3 yrs & 9 months. I was working in this company from feb 2011 and bcoz of one backlog I wasn’t eligible for final exams which later on I cleared and I gave final exams in may-2012 and I cleared with approx 56 %.
    Plz suggest what to do.

  100. kish says:

    joining psg for doing M.E cse/software engineering will fetch me a job ??? how many companies visit the psg campus

  101. brinda says:

    Gate 2015 mark 34.67, score 481, rank 4902. I want to whether i will get CEG, PSG through gate. please guide me…..

  102. Jagriti says:

    My Gate 2014 score is 368 and Gate 2015 score is 338 in ECE branch. I am highly intrested to pursue and then Phd. In my core branch.. but I am very tense due to low Gate score.. please help me to find a better college where I can receive Gate stipend too for my studies.. please suggest me institutes at Chandigarh region, as this is the only suitable place for me to do Is it good to go for colleges affilated to PTU and please tell me when the new raised (8000 to 12400) stipend rule will be applicable for PG??? Please reply me on
    With regards..
    Jagriti Saini

  103. sujay Acharjee says:

    My GATE score in 2015 is 465 with 43.66 marks with rank 14833 in ME. Have there any chance to get welding technology in NIT Trichey or other government collage.
    Please help me in this email.

  104. vimal says:

    i would like to go job…tell me which is best ….through b.e or M.E./M.Tech./
    M.Arch./M.Plan …tell me the individual probabilities …

  105. Anitha P says:

    I wish to pursue my in a government college thro’ my TANCET for M.Tech in CSE. Im not getting a clear idea of which book should i refer to get good score. Plz help me.

  106. Anthony kumar says:

    hi bro! i’m B.e mech 2015 passed out right now i’m preparing for tancet 2015 but i’m two minded after analysing all ur previous comments wheather to go ahead with studies r shift myself to job and one more question if suppose i choose to do m.e in corres with job simultaneously in my department will it would be a good choice and obviously would like to know the m.e corres timing in a week

  107. dhanya says:

    hi arun sir,
    i am an be (ECE) 2015 passout student.i have 3 backlogs.will i be eligible to do my ME.
    please reply me

  108. anam says:

    I am doing BE in ece but wants to give GATE in IN.
    is it so that a person who has done BE on other branch and given gate in other are rejected at psus.
    If i want to do mtech will theere be problem?

  109. kosh says:

    Wonderful read. Thank you for all the guidance. I have a tancet score of 38 in tancet 2015. I want to do part time engg design in ceg guindy. BC category. Any chance? I am already working and wish to do higher studies so that i can become a lecturer later. Thanks in advance

  110. Anoop V.M kumar says:

    Which mtech course is best ? After completing btech marine engineering. I have two choices mtech ocean coastal safty engineering or mtech marine engineering and management. Which one have better opportunity job in india?

  111. Preethi says:

    Hi I got 32.667 in Tancet MCA. I belong to sc caste. Which college I get? If any chance to get seat in anna university?

  112. murugesan says:

    I got job in postal department as month may join on that… same time I am having chance to get seat in MIT for ME.. what shall I do.. shall I join in job or do my PG in MIT if got seat..

  113. cathy steve says:

    What colleges will i get for tancet score of 32.423 . please let me know. My u official rank list is 5004. Obc category

  114. Jothi says:

    Hi Arun
    I completed my MCA Degree. My passion is to do my job as lecture. So i like to do ME(CSE). My tancet score is 29.865 under SC category. Which is the best institution to do my Degree. Is there any chances to get Anna university Trichy or Coimbatore? And also one more doubt… ME or M.phil which one is best option for me that means after MCA degree> I am waiting for your suggestion?

  115. divyabala says:

    Sir I got 38.3 marks in TANCET2015.IF there is any possibility to get the government colleges. .am belong to bc category

  116. Sathya says:

    I have applied for TANCA 2015. Can I write GATE and TANCET next year too.Can I apply for TANCA 2016?

  117. niharika says:

    tancet 2015 mark 33 finished be civil overall rank is 4290.belong to bcm. can i get anna university or what good colleges for ME in civil

  118. krishnamoorthi says:

    My mark is 31.28, I completed B.E mechanical,my overall rank 2873, community rank sc-279,which department I take,for M.E.please tell me.

  119. Rohini says:

    Hai Sir,
    I got TANCET score of 33.9. I got Kumaraguru college. I am not interested in lecturing jobs and trying for my core job i.e IT job since i studied B.Tech-IT. i am under confusion whether to do M.E- computer science and try for MNC or search for job a year and in worst case if i am not getting any job thought of doing M,E after a year. And the best part is that i dont no if i write TANCET next year i will get this score and this college.

  120. Meena says:

    Hi I’m doing 3rd year EEE .For doing ME whether writing GATE exam is best or TANCET and please tell me the difference between these two exams

  121. Ravi Kumar says:

    I have recently successful My (EEE) Now I would like to join So kindly request Which Stream Am I join? and Which College and also Location. Please advice. I am Qualified PGE.CET also .

  122. sound says:

    hi i have chosen M.E remote sensing and geomatics in CEG campus anna university. i have my UG in civil engineering. can you tell me the reputation for the department of remote sensing. most of them ask why did i choose remote sensing over other departments. is it worth it?

  123. Hi friend,
    Every course is worthy when it comes to engineering. But the sad thing is that this generation students and their parents see engineering as a worst course.Fact is that only about 5% of the students understand what engineering is.

    When it comes to your dept., Remote sensing is a good course. But you can shine only when you have a clear path and plan to proceed in your career. So, if you are studying M.E currently, please start analyzing the field and make a way to progress.

    If you have a clear plan and the will to do, then this field will be a fantastic field.

    Wishes to you

  124. Hi,
    Wishes to u. Let me explain you some difference between the two in short…

    +Scores can be an added advantage if you appear for interviews – an added credit
    +When you join colleges with GATE score, you may get stipend amount
    +Public sectors (BHEL,SAIL etc.,) dont conduct written tests, but nowadays consider GATE score as written test score. So, GATE has now become an eligibility exam.
    +All over India its valid
    -you have to compete with students all over india
    -gate sylabus will contain subjects that you have never studied in your UG – you need to study some subjects by yourselves!!!
    -You have to compete with B.E graduates and also M.E graduates…so heavy competetion is there in this

    +Only TamilNadu students appear, so less competition
    +Easy syllabus to prepare
    +Only subjects that are in the syllabus will be asked

    -No stipend

    I prefer you to clear GATE exam and then TANCET. Apply for both. If you read for GATE that will be enough to clear TANCET. Since, GATE has lot of advantages, prepare for that and clear it. It adds credits in any interview.


  125. Hi, since you have a degree in MCA, that alone be enough to be a lecturer.You can study M.E in any institution, but be careful in choosing an institution to join. Nowadays education is becoming a business 😦

    If you want to be perfect core subject lecturer, then M.E is good.


  126. arun says:

    haii sir,I am physically challenged persion, I have done my b.e aeronautical engg,can I chose m.e thermal engg.,it is valuable.what college best for m.e thermal engg.

  127. Nandhakumar says:

    Hi sir , I’m discontinued student from 2015.when I join a college from tnea 2015 but I discontinue.Nexr year (2016) I have another chance to attend tnea 2016 counselling it is possible or not.Tell me sir…

  128. imran says:

    hello sir.i wrote exam in 2016.i will get 36 marks.i m obc candidate.can i get admission in iit kharagpur

  129. RG says:

    hi Mr. Arun…. i saw ur replies to the above queries ..really nic…!!

    i finished my UG with 83.4%-Mechanical in 2015 and got job as Sales engineer in my core( job is fine but i am not satisfied) i prepared for GATE-16 for the past 5 months(resigned my job) and wrote as average and not confident. i planned to get through IIT-m. But now i rejoined in the same company. ( in gate-15 , i got 23 marks only)

    I am planning to do PG in PSG ( last time TANCET 15 i got 37 something…rank 49)……, is PSG is good to do ME engineering design…..or shall i prepare one more year to get through gate( i can get below 2000 ranks in gate 2017)…but it seemed to be wasting my time and knowledge again another year…………..kindly guide me.

  130. kesavan says:

    hi sir am studying plastic tech on cipet 1.which paper i take for tancet on section c 2. want to study in ceg mtech polymer science what marks for clear tancet for ceg obc 3.i have one doubt another dptm are cannot take special dptm like rubber ,polymer .. wAITING FOR YOUR REPLY

  131. kesavan says:

    hi sir am studying plastic tech on cipet 1.which paper i take for tancet on section c 2. want to study in ceg mtech polymer science what marks for clear tancet for ceg obc 3.i have one doubt another dptm are cannot take special dptm like rubber ,polymer .. wAITING FOR YOUR REPLY

  132. kesavan says:

    hi RG please share your last time exprience tancet 15 what is the rank 1 for tancet marks please bro i nee to join ceg polymer science and engg… nee your help

  133. roopa says:

    hello sir t s grt 2 luk ur patience 2 respond evry single txt . . actualy am 2012 passot i completd BE-CSE and due to personal issues i dint go to job and studied ntg . . nw i hav a idea to do ME . and i liv in industrial area so it s vry rare to get job in computer field and so i planned to do industrial and safety engineering in ME is dat a right choice. . . . plz comment asap waiting for ur reply

  134. hi roopa…both are good courses. The advantage of studying these courses is that you can get a job easily in any industry/organization etc. But the limitation is that, in long term these courses will not be effective to live a life. In other words, you will get a job easily almost everywhere. But when it comes for improvement(i.e., promotion in job environment etc.) this wont satisfy you. If you just want a job to manage your personal life these can help you. but if you really like to achieve continuous improvement in career, if you plan to work even after marriage, then selecting some other course would be beneficial. The choice is up to you.

  135. shri nivi says:

    Hi sir,
    I have backlogs in my I wish to join course will it possible for me to join .

  136. Hi friend, I feel sorry that you cant do any course if you have backlogs. A course completion certificate is must for to join any higher degree courses. You need to complete the current course and then do try to proceed for higher studies.

    Best Wishes

  137. Roopa says:

    Thank u fr ur rpl sir dats really kind of you and actually I prefer for short term so I would prefer dat and I would also like to confirm how great scope for ISE for girls is dat safe on going. Personal advice plz

  138. Jegan says:

    Hi sir, I have 52 marks in gate mechanical-16. I’m interested in taking ED group in CEG.
    Should i write tancet or gate score is enough to get into the group.Kindly reply.Thank you.

  139. Hi Roopa, When it comes for ISE, this course would be useful if you are really willing to work on long term basis,as i already mentioned. This is a good course for male candidates. That doesn’t mean girls are unfit, in real world(Industries/Manf.sectors/IT organization etc.) people prefer male candidates to work in such environment. Most women, after a couple of years working in the industry, resign the job because of several reasons(marriage, pregnancy etc.). As industrial safety is core important for any organization/company, employers don’t want to select women candidates as they may resign the job at any moment!!. So, its upto you to make the choice. Just think a while about these….Are you ready to work in this field for a long time? Will you be comfortable to work in an environment where men are high in number(You might be the only woman in the whole job environment!!!) When it comes for life’s critical decisions such as marriage, pregnancy etc., how would you respond? Find answers for these questions. If at all you have passion, determination to do this course, then move on. But if not, decide what would be right for you. Otherwise this is a good course. Personally, if you choose to study this course, i would advice you to gain 2-3 years experience from any industry/organization etc., then join any good college as a lecturer. You might get a job from a good institutions as they prefer lecturers who not only know how to teach, but also have industrial experience. The choice is yours…..

    Wishes to You

  140. Hi Jegan, Gate score alone is enough for getting this group. Counseling will start from Gate Cutoff and later with TANCET cutoff. So, it is easier to choose ED using GATE score in counseling.

    Wishes to you

  141. arun says:

    Hi, I have been completed b.e (aeronautical) interested to study m.e thermal engg,I dn’t know about m.e thermal engg, it is either valuable or not, I’ m physically challenged student, pls tell.

  142. Hi, Thermal engineering is a good option to study. There are many students who have done M.E Thermal. Many colleges have staffs who have studied this course. This is a very valuable course. But, one thing you have to be careful is the institution you are studying. Choose a best college to study thermal engineering.

  143. manikandan says:

    hi,i have been completed b.e aeronautical engineering. in tancet syllabus we are study in part-3 in aero only or mechanical also?

  144. GOWTHAM says:

    Sir, Can u please let me know that previous year(2015) cutoff marks for M.E Avionics in Anna university CEG.

  145. balaji says:

    hi arun . good note, it is relevant still today. Do you have any idea whether admission to PG courses in good Engineering colleges in tamilnadu are possible without entrance exams such as TANCET or GATE for other state students

  146. Hi Arun, I didn’t get any information regarding the admission procedure for other state candidates applying through GATE-16 score. Can you please provide me with the necessary information regarding the process to apply for single window counselling conducted by anna university?
    P.S : I didn’t apply for TANCET-16 as I had valid GATE-16 score.

  147. Hi Vinay, Sorry You must have applied for TANCET 16 eventhough you have a gate score. There are 2 steps in admission to these courses. 1.Apply for Qualifying exam (TANCET) 2.Applying for the course. The call-for TANCET 16 is overnow and the exam is on 10,11,12 of this month. Sorry, you cant opt for PG Anymore. For your info see this—>

  148. Hi Arun, I got 55 in GATE’15(Mechanical). Now i would like to pursue higher studies in Anna university, but i didn’t apply for TANCET’16 thinking that i can apply for TANCA directly. Your previous post is confusing me, Pl put light on this..

  149. hello sir.i have completed my BTECH in ECE branch now i want to takeup MTECH in EEE branch power electronics, so for this do i have to write GATE exam in ECE OR EEE papers need your help. thank you.

  150. @Vignesh…..Ok, let me be more clear. If you are going to take courses related with Engineering Science [XE] or Life Sciences [XL], then GATE+TANCET is compulsary. I had this in my mind when answering.Sorry for the error!! If you take a regular course, either GATE or TANCET is enough. You have a Valid Gate score, no need to worry. Wishes to you!

  151. @Edisonkho, To pursue M.Tech Power Electronics, the following streams are elligible. B.E/B.Tech in EEE, ECE, E&I, I&C, Electronics, Instrumentation. You must choose ECE [EC] in GATE. Wishes to you

  152. lakshmi says:

    hai sir ,icompleted my B.Tech in ECE in 2015 ,and I wrote GATE this year.and i got 15000 I am choosing SASTRA university for MTech .IS it worthy,and could i manage stress.please give me reply

  153. GOWTHAM says:

    Sir, what is the previous year(2015) cutoff marks for M.E Avionics in Anna university MIT.

  154. Hi arun, I am from Kerala & my Gate score in Cse 536. Is there any chance I can get admission in ceg.? I didn’t applied or wrote I still eligible for Taking admission?

  155. Naveen Kumar N says:

    I completed B.E civil engineering with one year experience. Now I am choosing M.Tech structural engineering. Is it good in tamilnadu or North India for better career

  156. Hi Arun., I am Arun I got 40 in Tancet 2016 belongs to bc.., I have been completed b.e aeronautical., can I get m.e Mechatronics in MIT., what about placement In m.e ( Mechatronics) pls reply me.,

  157. Maha says:

    hello arun anna.. I got 55.161 (civil).. which college and what course will I have to choose to make my carrier better….

  158. RISHIKESH.S says:

    hellow anna .i got 36.936 in tancet 2016. i finished my BE mechanical in 2016.what is the best course in ME.? can i get seat in ceg,mit ,psg. ? What are the employment opportunities for studying ME. ? Is MBA is better than ME..PLEASE GUIDE ME ANNA. I am rural student

  159. Abdul Sukkoor says:

    Hi Arun Sir, I had completed my B.E in mechanical stream in 2013.Having 2.5 year experience in design field.Now I want to pursue M.E.I got 36.826 marks in TANCET 2016.I would like to choose M.E in energy engg field.Could you tell me what are the job opportunities available for that course and Can I get a seat in govt college?.I am awaiting for your decent reply….Thanks in advance


    hi I have completed B.E.MECH ENGG 2 016 Batch passed out..first of all my interest I s to go for a job but 2months gone I have not got any job but i have got many call letters from BPO sectors I’m not interested to go der.2 months gone after completing B.E.
    Now I preferred to go M.E.INDUSTRIAL SAFETY ENGG in Sona college of technology,SALEM.
    is dis course is better option for me to do M.E. or some courses for industrial safety are der .can I join d course which of 3,6 r 10 months of durations.
    which is better for me to choose..
    I don’t want to go for a lecturer I want to go for industry that’s y I chooses this industrial safety engg.plz suggest me

  161. Nivedita Rajan says:

    Hi arun, I have completed my B.E in E&I.
    I have secured 29.33 in gate and 45 in TANCET. And I belong to SC category. Which col ll I get??
    Will there be core companies for placements in instrumentation course?

  162. Hi Naveen, You can study in Tamil Nadu itself.Just look for good colleges with good faculty. Try to join in any institution that has been established long ago. Newly opened colleges have the worst faculty, means lecturers with worst teaching skills and knowledge

  163. 1.Cant assure completely that you may get a seat in CEG.2.You are eligible for admission with Gate score.

  164. Hi Maha, I cant exactly suggest you a college. But you can opt for Structural engg,Remote Sensing, Geomatics. These are good courses.

  165. Hi Arun, There are chances that you may get a seat. But its like cat on the wall.Regarding placements, most companies focus upon B.E/Tech students and not M.E/Tech candidates. So, chances of placement with PG degree is too low

  166. Hi Rishikesh, Chances are too low to get a seat in CEG, MIT & PSG.Regarding employement, M.E is preferable and recognizable only when you have experience in any company or you opt for lecturer job. Companies prefer UG candidates than PG. Chances become leaner when you do PG. Regarding M.E/MBA, Only Engineers can do M.E, but any one with engineering or arts or any other eligible degree can study MBA. So chances for competition in career is more at MBA. I would suggest you a M.E.

  167. Hi friend, Its a good course to study, But watch out as this course has the eligibility with any B.E/Tech degree. You might have heavy competition for good colleges.

  168. Hi Nivedita,I cant exactly suggest you a college.Sorry!
    Regarding placements there are only very very few opportunities for placement.

  169. arunachalam says:

    hi arun.., i have been completed b.e aeronautical, i don’t know about (m.e industrial engg) in anna university (ceg), what about placement and can i go to lecture neither aero or mech,

  170. Rukhsar says:

    I am mtech student from cse 4th sem ,so I am very confused for job which sector sugest me

  171. hi brother, I’m an aeronautical graduate, my GATE score is 23, my TANCET score is 33.19, i’m belongs to SC category. what are chances for me to get into PSG or GCT? please help me to find out..

  172. Amal s says:

    hi bro,
    i am amal from kerala…i am having only 59% in btech….in kerala 60% is the minimum criteria for mtech….if i get good score in gate…can i get any good colleges in t.n with stipend?

  173. Is M.TECH remote sensing course is worth that to doing in BIT’s
    I had selected Remote sensing as my carrier
    But i cant able to explain about it to my parents and make them to understand it.
    They are asking me to carry out my job.
    What should i do.
    3 rd august is the admission date .
    Tell me at This situation.

  174. singaravelan.p says:

    hai i have been completed BE graduation. i interested do study in ME in psg college.PSG to provide the placement in pg course also or not …. i need the information more. i really very confused then which college now selected i need placement pls suggest the some placement provided collge pls help .. my

  175. I got 31.226 in tancet me i belong to bc which clge i will get…??? I really very confused then which college now selected i need placement pls suggest the some placement provided collge pls help me…

  176. KALAI says:

    I got 33.42 in tancet (civil ). I belong to BC. Is there any chance for me to get govt col? Thank u in advance…

  177. Hai Arun,
    I have completed BE(ECE) in 2015.Now I am working in IT, Navalur.And I would like to do ME in Anna university .I wrote tancet and got 51.4 marks and 50th overall rank.
    I can’t leave my job now at the same time I want to do ME …so I decided to do ME in part time …Now I am totally confused because my friends and others are discouraging me that Part time is not worth and U will not get placements and all even lecturer …U will earn less than now …Bla bla bla..and I would like to do PG in communication but there is no part time course in communication …Totally confused. Pls help me….

  178. kalai says:

    i did my UG in EEE & I studying my PG biometrics and cyber security related to IT in PSG
    but i do in PhD in related to EEE or IT
    plese tell sir

  179. ambika says:

    iam doing my btech it 2nd yr but all r saying it is not worth that much. so please suggest me a gud ME course for my future sir

  180. Illusionist says:

    What is the usual class timings for ME in CEG?I would like to do masters in internal combustion engineering.As my work timing is flexible,thought of doing full time ME.Just wanted to know whether it is practical..thanks for any reply:)

  181. we offer the following loans to individuals, private / public company Commercial Loans (Secure and unsecured) loans the Small Business Administration (SBA), (Secure and Unsecured) Personal Loans (Secure and unsecured) loans Residential (Secure and unsecured ) Mortgage Loans (Secure and unsecured) and many other interest rate of 2%; apply for a minimum of 100.00 100,000,000.00 rubles, dollars, pounds, euros, etc. Interested candidates should please contact us today for your online quick and easy loan without collateral deposits. E-mail:

  182. Karthick says:

    Even I have heard of the placement trends in anna university and PSG for PG. But PG graduates from IITs and BITS Pilani do not face this trouble. Why is that so?

  183. arun dj says:

    i completed b.e aeronautical engg, but i can not get job..,so will i do b.e mechanical engg in anna university..,

  184. Hi, I’m a final year student going to complete the course within 1 month. I didn’t get any job offers.I attend the gate 2017 examination I have scored 14.84 marks.will I make use of it?. & also I appeared for tancet 2017 and scored 34.84. Im not interested in doing M.E also I don’t want to stay at home & prepare for the govt exams. Please give me some suggestions for the next step.

  185. Divya.M says:

    Respected sir,
    I’am Divya.M. I’ve scored 38.944 marks in Tancet 2017. I’am going to complete my B.E civil engineering by this year. I’am interested in pursuing M.E in Environmental engineering. I belong to SC community. Is it possible to get seat in Anna University through counselling? Kindly give your suggestion. My passion is to go through a research in the field of environmental engineering and do a Phd in this field.

  186. om raut says:

    hello sir,
    I agree with your suggetion
    but one thing i want to ask you,
    Actually I want to do lecturership for life time I want to contribute in education field, I alredy did crash course for 12th students but as I got good gate score 56 , my family wish to join mtech , Sir my question is , If i did mtech in non core branch then can I do lecturership in core branch?

  187. Shankar Lal says:

    Im a B.Tech Civil guy from Kerala university.

    Im planning to do M.E in Construction Engineering and management.

    Sorry I only came to know about tancet recently so do not have a score.

    Planning to get a management seat in an Anna university affiliated college.

    My doubt is –

    Is the value of Anna university tirunelveli and anna university chennai the same?

    Do they issue the same certificates ?

    or are both completely different ?

  188. VISHWA says:

    Hello Sir, my community rank is SC-47 under GATE category., What are my chances of getting CEG or PSG…My qualifying degree is B.E. EEE.

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