Applications for Android Mobile

In recent days Android smart phones are very popular throughout the world.More than any other mobile os, these android are preferred. The main thing is that these platform provides a large variety of applications to be used.Because of this compatibility and flexibility,Android is very popular among smart phone users.So here we have provided some of the applications that the android users can opt for.

Whats app

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. User in a group will share a common chat screen, in a  way that the user can see the other members chat history.They too can participate in the chat. Currently its the very popular application.

Watss app

ES Task manager

An application to power boost your android phone.Using this application you can..

1.Kill unwanted tasks

2.Clear cache

3.Optimize power

4.Monitor startup programs

5.Explorer file system

6.Monitor Apps

Its worth a try.One among the best apps for android phone

es task amgre

Adobe reader

Similar to pc, you can use Adobe reader for reading PDF in mobile.Its free and one among the best application that can be trusted.


File explorer

Wanna manage files ?? Need a file manager? try this application. Allows viewer to explore files.Allsows allows you to copy/cut or delete unwanted data.



Addicted to facebook and twitter? then this will be a boon to you. This app allows the user to monitor both fb & twitter in it.So whether its a tweet or notification update whatever it be, never miss them. The App also allows the user to post / view the updates by using a widget that comes along.


Opera mini

The most wonderful browser for any mobile. This browser is an excellent one allowing to browse at an ultra speed. The turbo option boost the speed of browsing.Speed dial is a good option for giving a start.

opera mini


Need to monitor the cash flow? Then use this software for monitoring the cash flow. Users can also view reports ,monitor the cash flow – income / expenses etc.Worth to use

Andro money

Out of milk

Want a shopping list? Download and use this app. You can enter the shopping items in a list and keep it safe so that when you go shopping you will buy what you need. The software also allows for barcode scan so that instead of typing the product details, just scan the barcode of your product and the whole details will be loaded up. The to-do list is very useful for users.



Have an account in nibmbuzz? else need to IM in fb,gtalk,live messenger?? Give this a try! A very wonderful application for IM users. Has all accounts in one software. Also you can make free calls via gtalk & call land line phones at a cheaper rates




Wanna access your sky drive file over phone. Use the official app allowing users to download upload their files on to net.



Mx player

A good player for Android mobiles. Allows users to see videos with subtitles and supports various formats. Worth a try.



Network speed

Wanna monitor the upload download speed? just install the software and this will display the real time data transfer on the screen top.



AVG Antivirus

Secure your mobile with the most trusted application ! AVG antivirus…monitors every apps and scans completely allowing you to be secure,



Irctc pro

Wanna book train, use this app to book trains, see scheldules etc.. Excellent software for Android users




SBI freedom

Have an SBI account? wanna do mobile banking.Then downlaod this app and do. Allows you to transfer funds, mobile top up, balance enquiry and much more!!!


Applications for Android Mobile

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