How to transfer files from Laptop to Android Mobile

I have searched a lot for how to transfer files from PC to Android mobile. But they all tell to install the software and transfer. They don’t provide the correct data. Here is the simple step by step procedure for you.

I Use Windows 7 x64 bit version and Sony Tipo Dual phone in here.

Step 1: Download and install the software from Google Android play store. Here I use a free version which is sufficient enough for users who transfer small files(max 5 mb for free version).

Software Name: WiFi file transfer

File size: 633k ( Version 1.0.6)

Step 2: Create a network or join a network. For who don’t know how to create a network, follow these steps. I tell you in a simple better way.

In the pc, have a web browser installed, I use Waterfox(64 bit version of Firefox). I use Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. If you have 32 (x86) bit version of Windows, go for Firefox.

Also have the WiFi – Wireless LAN driver installed


Don’t forget to switch on the WiFi/Bluetooth hardware switch(if you have that option in the laptop)

Check whether you have enabled the WiFi transfer via software. I use Lenovo z570. Most LENOVO laptops have the option of switching of the Wireless devices.


If you have done these move on to next step.

Step 3: In the Android Phone, below the option “Portable WiFi hotspot”, you will see an option to configure WiFi Hotspot.

Click on the option.

Now simply, if you don’t know anything about networking, follow these steps.

Network  SSID : Name of your network – You can keep any name

Security: Choose OPEN or for security reasons, Choose WPA PSK, and set a password(min 8 character).

Click done.

Now the whole process is almost done. Now turn off the data transfer option in Android Phone.

Go Settings >More… > Mobile networks > Uncheck “data enabled”. This option is optional. Actually this will make your PC to connect to internet via Android phone as modem. Since we transfer files alone we turn off this option to reduce/prevent internet data usage.

Switch on the hotspot – enable WiFi tethering. You will see this option in setting>more…>tethering & portable network> check mark the option Portable WiFi hotspot.

Once the tethering starts you will see your network being identified. Look in the system tray for WiFi signal.


Now once the process is started, open WiFi file transfer software in  phone. Click on start.


Now it will display an web address like : some numbers in places of x and y.


Type in the address in the web browser and hit go. That’s it you will see the screen as shown . You can transfer files.


After transfer, simply turn off the portable WiFi hotspot.

How to transfer files from Laptop to Android Mobile